What’s new with Binky?

We’ve been busy this year with work, work and more work. So busy that side projects have taken, umm, a sideline! But just so you know we’re still thinking bout social good and how we can all contribute, take a look at some of what we’ve been doing…

  1. Golden Bee – this project is a very collaborative, multi-modal, multi-media approach to raising awareness of bees and their importance to our very existence. Check it out and if you’re in Sydney, come along to Hive Alive in September at Alpha House in Erskineville.
  2. The Ageing Revolution is our business, the thing that (hopefully) earns us a living and does social good at the same time. Our raison d’etre and our carefully coddled child this past year. The Ageing Revolution aims to shift perceptions of ageing and by working with business, government and community organisations, we’re aiming for transformative change.
  3. Ageing Humans is where we document the inspiring revolutionary ageing humans that we meet in the course of our everyday lives – and they are many. Are you here? Should you be??
  4. Tribe Media is our close partner in crime – Binky is on the board of Tribe and we love it. The new look site is just the beginning of a future working on collaboration, creativity and connection!

So you can see we’ve been busy. Add to that a great and wonderful roadtrip across Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia and New South Wales and we’ve had a lot on our plates. Don’t feel ignored. We’re still thinking of you!


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