What if kids actually wanted to go to school?


What if they were able to study things that mattered to them?

Right now, the education system is broken. Many schools are suffering from overcrowding and an unproductive focus on testing that leads to unhappy, bored kids and stressed out teachers.

1 in 7 young people are not engaged in either education or work. We can change that though, with the right tools and innovative approaches based on research and evaluation.

Instead of exam factories, schools can become places where kids are excited, happy and eager to learn and teachers are able to nurture and encourage each student’s ability.

EEVA (you say it ‘ever’) is a new social enterprise working to change schools and give kids the chance to follow their passions.  EEVA donates 50% of any profits to Indigenous education initiatives too – close the gap for real, folks.

Watch EEVA’s video

But EEVA needs your help. EEVA’s crowdfunding campaign has a week to go but the campaign is flagging. You can help though and do some good, for a school or community near you.

How can you help?

Donate to the campaign. It can be as little as $5. All assistance gratefully accepted!

Share the message – we need you and your friends to spread the message. Are you part of a school community? Know a teacher or two? Share, share, share!

If you know a school where EEVA could help, get together some folks and donate to the campaign to get something happening in your hood.

$100 will get your school a workshop on resilience and student motivation or an approach by EEVA to your local council to develop a community-based project with young people focusing on sustainability.

$200 will get a year of mentoring for a Victorian school student (other states to follow – give us time!)

$500 will get a breakfast program going because it’s important to start the day with healthy food and a smile.

Or wanna really step it up? $1000 will establish a mentoring program in a secondary school.

With so many young people going off the rails, it’s more important than ever that organisations like EEVA exist to offer alternative solutions.

Binky is proud to be a friend of EEVA. We’re working on collaborative approaches that combine gratitude, resilience, entrepreneurship and making sure young people get the chance to learn skills that will help them their whole lives.

Consider helping EEVA make a difference in a young person’s life!



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