Ways to get HAPPY – volunteer!

DSCF2031Friday 20 March is the UN International Day of Happiness. A whole day to celebrate the emotion that 99% of us strive for in our everyday life. We want it for our children too and our friends and families. We just want to be happy.

At Binky, one of our aims is to increase the happiness quotient in the world, to up the levels of happiness. We reckon when there’s more happiness in the world, the world is a better, more compassionate place. Happy people infect others with their vibe. The UN International Day of Happiness recognises that happiness is important for a harmonious and healthy world.

But how do you get there? And is happy a destination? Clearly we’re not talking about the kind of feeling that is momentary or fleeting and associated with stuff. The happiness we’re on about is a state of being, a way of living and relating to yourself and those around you. Gratitude, giving and mindfulness all play a big role in bringing happiness into your life.

Project Happiness have written a great article that outlines 7 Happiness Habits. 

To feel good, do good, they say and the Greater Good Science centre backs them up. Giving to others is not only a surefire way to get an instant boost it also makes you healthier and leads to improved trust, pleasure and connection. Feeling good leads to more doing good which leads to more feeling good.

Volunteering your time to others is a wonderful way to get your dose of wellbeing and happiness. Australians volunteer alot. And not just in times of disaster. Reciprocity is embedded in Indigenous culture, indicating an inherent understanding of how we are all connected and must rely on each other for survival, wellbeing and meaning. Although not as significant culturally in the wider population,volunteering is no less important for our communities and ourselves as individuals. Without volunteers, many services, events, festivals, fundraisers and community projects would never ever happen.

Volunteers are happier and healthier and feel more connected to their communities. Why not give volunteering a go and get happy? And our 7 day photo challenge gives you the perfect opportunity to combine volunteering with the chance to give your favourite charity $1000. Yes that’s right, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!! Post a photo of someone volunteering, or a volunteer experience on our Grateful Project facebook group for your chance to win.

You can find information about volunteering and opportunities to volunteer in Australia through Volunteering Queensland. For those outside Australia, check out your local volunteer centre for more info.

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