Binky 2014 and beyond

Krampus image from TinyOwlWorkshop

The end of the year is coming and Binky will have a little break over the Christmas/New Year period. Over at the Grateful Project, we’ll be starting a challenge on 21 December to take you through Christmas and the New Year with gratitude. So if you haven’t already, join the group and have fun with the prompts designed to help you access gratefulness through the holiday period!

It seems like a good time to reflect on the past year for Binky and what a year it’s been. We started off riding high on the success of our Pozible campaign.

Getting out the rewards to our supporters, processing the images, printing them and sorting out the exhibition venue ensured February and March were super busy. Fortuitously we held our exhibition on Harmony Day once more and were able to donate all funds raised to the Multicultural Development Association, helping refugees with the settlement process. The night was great – many thanks to all those that supported the exhibition in one way or another. We couldn’t do it without you.

We were also lucky enough to come top ten in the Happy Project.  Even though we didn’t win, we’ve decided to go ahead and make this project come to life anyhow. Named HeartStrings, we hope to bring this project to you in 2015. It’s a bit under wraps at the moment but we have high hopes of bringing a bit more happiness into the world!

August saw us at the Darwin Festival for our YarnHeart Project – combining craft, gratitude and hearts! YarnHeart encouraged an exchange of gratitude across culture and place, emphasising the elements that join us as human beings – love, gratitude, happiness. The images from this project were amazing, and the hearts received from across the country made their way to the Bagot Indigenous Community for exhibition at the Bagot Festival. It was a huge success. The handmade hearts reside in the community and we hope to be able to build on this project in the future, bringing it to other communities and embedding it in Bagot as well. Unfortunately some unforeseen challenges have meant that not all the hearts were able to photographed. Big apologies to those who missed out – we haven’t given up but some tragic circumstances made our tasks a little bit harder to accomplish.

After a bit of recovery time, we got straight back into another gratitude challenge on the Grateful Project. The group just continues to grow and grow, down to Louise’s dedicated and thoughtful moderation of this wonderful coming together of lovely people from around the world. Each challenge elicits new ways of seeing the world and sharing in the good around us. We have some plans up our sleeve for next year for the Grateful Project and hope it will continue to evolve and evoke.

Finally, if it wasn’t for everyone who supports the Binky crew every day, on the many different social media channels, as well as face to face and more, we couldn’t bring these amazing projects to life. It’s been a wonderful year of trying out new things, meeting new people and connecting.  Friends of Binky – Tribe Media, Tiny Owl Workshop, Naked Crackers , G&V Design and Fabrication, Sunday Assembly, Fieldworx –  we love you all. Thanks so much for all you give.

As we grow our projects, we’d love to have more people get involved. If you think you’d like to volunteer to help or would like to start your own project for social good – let us know.  We can provide opportunities for social media management, project coordination, event management and more.

You can contact us here on the blog, on facebook, or on twitter (@binkycollective). Looking forward to a hella good 2015.

Peace out til January and don’t forget to be excellent to one another.



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