Spending for Good

It’s 36 days til Christmas. Gulp! It can’t be denied. Christmas is coming and so is the annual consumer pilgrimage to buy stuff. I’m already being regaled daily by the Cheeky Monkey with additions to the ever growing Christmas list. The look of horror on his face when I suggested that he might be a bit old for Santa. You’d have thought I just told him Santa was actually a flesh-eating Zombie. It was enough to tell me that Santa gifts are here to stay for quite some time. Added to that are all the obligatory gifts – work Secret Santa, older relatives, people for whom Christmas retains a special meaning. I don’t hate shopping – entirely – just not good at compressing the process for a specific purpose. It seems so manufactured somehow. And of course, don’t we all have enough stuff in the first place?

qart-christmas-card-pack-of-15-hhxSo imagine my joy at coming across Good Spender, an online shopping platform that connects you directly with goods and services from social enterprises. You can shop AND make a difference at the same time. Win win!


A partnership between Social Traders and Australia Post’s Our Neighbourhood program, Good Spender gives you access to fashion, art, homewares, food, jewellery and lots of other great things. You can even buy wine to support charity!

Your dollars go to a bunch of great social enterprises, and that means helping out causes like fairtrade, young people, the environment, food security and many more. The website lets you search by product category or by cause you want to support. Each social enterprise has its own storefront on the site with information about their cause, their returns policy, shipping rates and any other relevant information.


This is such a great way to support a cause without even really trying. Coincidentally, Good Spender is offering free shipping today and tomorrow 18 and 19 November. Go check them out!

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