Binky’s Darwin YarnHeart adventure


Wow. Darwin was amazing. Much fun and heartmaking was had amidst the festivities of I Heart Bagot and the Darwin, errr…Festival! It was all very festive, what can I say?!

The response to YarnHeart was wonderful and we are still churning out the portraits this week and probably for the next couple of weeks. The heart installation space was in Bagot House where folks could go visit, have a cup of tea, see the fabulous hearts sent from near and far and enjoy learning about the history of Bagot Community.

Big thanks must go to Producer Kieren Sanderson. This project was conceived over emails and phone calls but could never have been delivered without the amazing on the ground skills, coordination and leadership of Kieren. Thanks also to Louise Doble, who’s incredible design talents were put to good use with our beautiful YarnHeart logo. Louise is also the unofficial Binky photographer and archivist and took many wonderful images during our time in Bagot community – we’ll share more of these over time. Thanks also to the talented Zoe Davis, photographer and the plethora of amazing production crew who made our time at the festival just so much more wonderful – Ally, Sophie, Vanessa and anyone else I’ve missed. And thanks to Darwin Community Arts Centre for supplying the crafting supplies for the YarnHeart space. What a collaborative effort! We couldn’t have done it without you.

image image

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