Gratitude, resilience and healing

I have recently become a part of a new collaborative focused on resilience in our communities, the Global Resilience Collaborative. As a result, I have met a number of new and interesting colleagues working in different ways to improve resilience, who are keen collaborators and experts in their fields. Sidenote: It’s been quite a humbling experience. As in ‘What am I doing here, amongst these amazing people? What do I have to offer?’ Yeah I know, I’ve read about impostor syndrome and I know I’m a reasonably intelligent and articulate person, but self-doubt still creeps in sometimes. It just does.

Anyway, in the course of getting to know the very dynamic Dr. Janice Presser of The Gabriel Institute over Skype late last night, she suggested to me that the Grateful Project is a healing space. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. I thought about what she said. And I realise she is right.

My own personal gratitude journey has been one of healing. In mid 2012, I unexpectedly found myself in a dark place. I came across a post online that suggested writing down five things a day that I was grateful for – to help me cope a bit better. Taking a couple of moments each day to think about those things really shifted my thinking. I started to slowly see things differently. Life didn’t feel insurmountable. I didn’t feel like such a failure. I was able to face each day, move through it and still find some good. Eventually the good outweighed the bad.

Getting involved in the Grateful100 challenge seemed like a natural extension of what I was already doing. That activity has turned into the Grateful Project.

In the Grateful Project group, people embrace the simple act of gratitude and share the most amazing and intimate moments. I have always felt privileged to be included in those moments. Intuition tells me that sharing those seemingly little things gives them even more value, brings clarity and coherence (thanks again @DrJanice) to our lives, and helps us to act with integrity and acknowledge what is important to us. But last night brought another dimension to my knowing. Every single project I work on as part of Binky is designed to help increase happiness, wellbeing and generally make the world a better place. But it never occurred to me that we might create a space where people can also experience healing. And isn’t healing a big part of what makes us more resilient as human beings? To be able to recover from bad experiences, to recognise the beauty of being alive, to retain hope for the future?

If you want to hear Louise and me talk about some of these ideas, we’re the key speakers at the next Sunday Assembly in Brisbane on May 18. Come along and join us for some singing, coffee and cake!

xx L

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