New discoveries in walking my city


I wear my Walk Your City kickstarter reward t-shirt all the time – it never fails to get a comment. And people are always interested when I start talking about the project. But still there seems to be resistance to walking, as if I am somehow unusual for doing it. In fact, even my son thinks it’s a bit weird and has begged me to get a driver’s licence, something I have a mental block about but am working on overcoming!!

Recently I came across this interesting project in my own backyard – Walking Neighbourhood. I love this sentiment from their website – It’s time for all our neighbourhoods to get walking and to stop being worried about the things our TVs tell us to worry about. Be sensible, ask for help when you need it, start communicating with the people around you, make friends and they stop being strangers, keep each other safe and walk instead of drive, catch a bus, car pool, vote, tell someone influential about the need for footpaths and road crossings and pool fences. Hang out with an 8 year old you know, knock on the door of the your neighbours and introduce yourself. Write letters to everyone on your street, have a street party, celebrate the fact we can take care of each other and don’t worry: bad things don’t actually happy that often.

This morning I walked my son to school, said hi to the crossing guard, dropped my son off, kept walking to the coffee shop, bumped into two people I knew, had coffee, walked with a friend down the road, stopped for a bite to eat, said hi to a few more people, bought a copy of the Big Issue then walked back the long way round, checked out a local design business, then made my way home. I feel like a part of my community when I walk the streets as if I am more connected to the world around me. Also just enjoyed catching up with the latest post from the Goat that Wrote – inspirational walker. No loss of independence there….I fear the insulation a car would bring, despite all the missives proclaiming how I will feel so much more free. Am I deluded? Time to get the next Walk Brisbane sign instalment started I think!!


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