Grateful Salon goes off!


Wow what a day Friday 21 March turned out to be. The day started off with some inertia – running around chasing up 3M poster strips. ( ‘Do those things actually work?’ I hear you say. Yes they do!). Mapped a course to Brisound in Bowen Hills where we picked up the PA equipment. Drove back into the city where Louise was waiting for us at Bleeding Heart. Couldn’t find a loading zone because a) there is a construction site right next door to Bleeding Heart and b) loading zones are counter-intuitively on the other side of three lanes of traffic from where we are so c) get dropped off about 100m from Bleeding Heart and have to do strange relay delivery of mike stands, speakers, speaker stands and mixer on shonky trolley in lunchtime rush. If only we could have videoed ourselves, we could all have a good laugh now.

Get into Bleeding Heart and decide to eat and have a cup of chai. Also decide to take up friend’s offer of the previous night to come along and help, realising we could use a hand if we’re gonna get it all set up by 3ish for a 4pm start. Have a bit of a panic sesh cos things aren’t quite how we thought they would be and we start re-designing exhibition space but then things go back to Plan A, and Plan B gets set aside. Run down to Big W to get aforementioned poster strips and also buy a huge bag of Maltesers. Friend comes to help, hooray!

Start putting prints up on the wall, and decide a measuring tape could be quite a handy thing to carry in your bag. Borrow one from Bleeding Heart. Get three or four prints up on the wall and feel wave of relief start to wash over me. We can do it. I am hot and sweaty and smell not very good. Adrenalin? Another friend joins us and we get the music area set up. It’s all coming together finally. Time to take a break, have cold drink, eat something, administer prophylactic painkillers for that headache I know I’m going to have, wash up and get changed. Ready to go.

Our first act was Billy and Emy Farr from Narrabri, New South Wales. Billy and Emy are just starting out playing guitar and singing together. Their sweet and natural sound got everyone focused on the music, and set the scene for the night ahead. It was a great way to kick off. Tim Steward followed up and by that time, the crowd had really kicked in. I swayed along to some of my favourite We All Want To songs but alas a hostess’ work is never done. Thanks Tim for a consummate performance, as always. Next up was me. I have no idea what I said. Something about Harmony and Happiness and gratitude that I really should remember so I can use it again. I do however, remember giving a big shout out to all our Pozible supporters, especially those who couldn’t join us for the celebration. There is no way we could have put on the Salon without support. So thank you thank you thank you again. And of course, the inimitable Louise who spent hours and hours poring over images, organising them, cropping, processing, checking file size and so on and so on. Her vision saw the exhibition space come to life, a truly grateful space. Kellie Lloyd played her special brand of music, guitar sounds soaring into the night and Glenn Dixon closed out for us with his laid back and easy singing style, a perfect end to the evening.

Wrap up – we showcased about 60 images from our Grateful Project group, we shared thoughts and feelings of gratitude, we raised $2oo through sales on the night for the Multicultural Development Association to support refugees volunteering in our communities, we raised $300 from postcard sales to support the continuation of the Grateful Project, we provided a platform for emerging and established artists living in our own backyard to share their music. Big thanks to Margaret for crocheting so many hearts – mine are still wonky – and to Tom for being our event photographer once more. Witness the photo gallery here on the site and see proof of how much fun was had!

Now, for next year…..

p.s if you just couldn’t decide on what print to buy on the night, or you couldn’t make it along, never fear – we will be having a facebook online sale coming soon. Prints and postcards will both be available for sale. It’s your chance to get a limited edition print while also supporting the Multicultural Development Agency and our project to continue, worthy causes!

p.p.s that’s Louise and I at the end of the night, looking slightly worse for wear but happy!

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