Review: The Awesome Book of Thanks

Thanks to everyone who shared with me their favourite kid’s books on gratitude. I’m starting off the review list with a book by Dallas Clayton, one of the first self-publishers that came to my attention, with the Awesome Book. The Awesome Book of Thanks follows on from his self-publishing and sharing philosophy. You can actually check out the whole entire book hereimage

Dallas has been described as the next Dr Seuss, and while I think that might be a bit of a push, his books are definitely channelling the same enthusiasm for dreams, imagination and a bit of nonsense. This book is probably for the toddler to preschool age kids but I reckon older kids would enjoy reading it too, if only because the illustrations are so appealing. A nice way to introduce gratitude as a concept. I’m giving it 4 stars (out of 5).

2 thoughts on “Review: The Awesome Book of Thanks

  1. kathi says:

    what a great book, this post about grateful kids comes at the right time for me after my nearly 9 year old daughter said to me last week after i couldn’t do a braid in her hair “i hate my life i hate my hair its not fair i don’t live in a house and my birthday parties are always the worse!!” i said my friend leonie has a grateful website/blog you need to look at, i said why don’t you come up with something you are grateful about once a day she said can you give me a freddo frog and i will say i am grateful for that, i am still working on it but its a great idea for kids

    1. loneysan says:

      Ah yes. I guess like all good things, it takes time! And children are such sensitive filters of the world around them, especially when it comes to their peers, not to mention harsh critics of their parents! We tried a grateful jar one Christmas and that was quite a good way to document daily things. We wrote down something we were grateful for and popped it into the jar. On Christmas Day, we read through the pieces of paper, it was fun activity to do with kids.

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