Week 4 Over and out but the gratitude goes on


The weeks just flew by and what with the last frantic rush to reach our goal on Pozible coinciding with the last week of Grateful30, it has been a super busy time. Added to that have been the usual trials of work, sick children, technology hiccups and a couple of epic birthday parties. October has been huge.

So bringing everyone up to speed, Grateful30 concluded on October 30 and October 31 was dedicated to being grateful for you. This was a wonderful initiative of Louise, and got a few of the quieter group members posting. Having a stop to think about self-love is so important and was a wonderful way to end off the challenge. The past thirty days have certainly been a huge learning experience again and I cant help but think that every time we do a Grateful challenge, there will be more and more things to learn and know about the experience of gratitude. We have some ideas for ways to improve and build on the project and hope to share these with you very soon!

Our Pozible campaign concluded on October 25 and on October 29 we received word that we won an additional $500 for being one of the projects with the most social media shares!! So thanks again to everyone who helped us reach our goal. Our total amount raised was $3531 – yowzer!!  And in the same week, we set the date with Bleeding Heart Gallery for an exhibition next year. Put 21 March 2014 in your diaries. It’s going to be an opening to remember!!!  Got to get to work now on sending out all those rewards!

October 18 also saw a small group of Binky folk come together for The Feast. We focused our brainstorming on The Happy Project in Sydney, currently offering up $12,000 for the best idea to spread happiness. Our Binky group came up with 3 ideas that we think are awesome. Of course, they’re highly secret! And we’re going to submit all three, but even if we aren’t successful with our bid for funds, I reckon we might just do all three ideas anyhow!

Last but not least, we has got postcards, yes we do! Told you we’d been busy in October!



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