Grateful30 week 1

Wow what an amazing week of gratitude. Grateful 30 kicked off last Tuesday and the posts have been thick and fast. From sketches to photos to music and the written word, the sharing of people’s everyday lives has been wonderful. I really have to thank the community for being so open and for the generosity of spirit shown to others, many of whom are unknown to each other apart from the common ground of pracising gratitude. It’s been truly heartwarming.

Beds and places of comfort seem to have been a bit of a theme this week, as has the appreciation of family and friends. The natural world has also had a look in, with spring well upon us here in the southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere, we’ve seen images of life in Vietnam and Texas, and been reminded that no matter where we are, the important things are often the same. I’m sharing my favourite post of the week so far. It comes from Greg Bantick on Day 1, and for me, really touches on what the group is all about.

I am grateful for a community of grateful practitioners and what I learn from every post. A little different perspective, a funny take, a touching reminder, spreading out across …………….


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