Be Grateful, Feel Grateful

Binky is a collective and we celebrate the power of diversity. The Binky blog is a space to share about our projects and our experiences. This post comes from Louise, Binky co-founder and co-conspirator on the Grateful Project!

I’ve been thinking about gratitude a lot lately, about what it means to me a100 days of Gratefulnd what it means for the world. The dictionary will tell you that gratitude means to be thankful, to show or feel appreciation, but I think it means something more.

Last year I took a photo a day for 100 days of something or someone I was grateful for. Every day I set out to find the good in my world, contemplate it and photograph it. I thought it would be easy. Surely I could be positive, I could show thanks, I could tick the boxes on the Meriam-Webster’s definition of gratitude. Well, it was trickier than I thought.

By about Day 20, I started feeling confused about what gratitude meant and I started to notice a difference in the type of photos I was taking. At first I photographed things that made me feel grateful such as a chocolate given to me by a workmate. As the project continued I found myself photographing things that reminded me how much we have to be grateful for, such as taking a photograph of barbed wire, which made me grateful to be born in a country that is not torn apart by war.

I realised that practicing gratitude daily was helping me transition from merely feeling grateful for nice things, to being grateful as a way of living. It became clear that being grateful is a choice – a good choice and a great practice.

Of course, being grateful does not mean we ignore things that are not going so well in our lives or put a big smiley band aid on our own pain. Practicing gratitude in times of adversity can help us put situations into perspective and realise what we have, which is said to be a great healing tool.

To be honest, I am still learning what gratitude means and how to practice it. I guess this is my grateful journey. I’m here to learn, practice, enjoy the grass between my toes and of course photograph it.

I’m so very thankful for these days.


2 thoughts on “Be Grateful, Feel Grateful

  1. Denise says:

    Hi Louise – thank you. I am so grateful for your friendship, support, sensitivity and how you make me think more. Really like the grateful project – so positive. xx D

  2. Margaret Doble says:

    thank you for putting into words some of your thoughts on what ” Grateful” can mean to you and by doing this you have opened up the thought process in us to maybe find even more knowledge on this wonderful emotion ” Grateful”. I am proud of the efforts you and the team have put into bringing us together in such an inspiring project and wish for the outcome to be a gathering of mindful people who wish to encourage others to bring more gratitude into the world, which in turn can bring about grateful goodness. xx Mx

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