Hope and gratitude

imageSo another election done and dusted, and if the pundits are anything to go by, Australia is in for a bit of me, me, me. In times like this, it seems even more important to ‘maintain the rage’ though I have to admit, my rage these days generally takes a much more positive form. I’m hoping Binky can be the mechanism for more positive change, undertaking and kickstarting projects that do good.

The Grateful Project is one of those projects and is benefiting amazingly from the campaign on Pozible. If things go according to plan, we have some big things in store for the Grateful Project over the next 12 months or so.

The Feast is also coming up in October.  A global dinner party to come up with solutions to problems, last year’s Feast saw the genesis of the Grateful Project. But the election has me thinking that this year we should go a bit harder, and try and get a few more projects on the go. There are so many social enterprises happening right now, and I mean enterprises in the broad sense, not business style operations, it makes me think that the time is right. So I am tossing the Feast ideas around in my head and think I am coming up with a sneaky plan! More here very soon…..

Meanwhile, thanks to Bridget for passing on this link about gratitude. Going to give my nine year old a cuddle and take a test or two!

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