Grateful Project is Pozible!

Yay.  Binky launched the Grateful Project Pozible campaign this week! And we’ve already raised $416 towards our goal of $2250. You can check it out here.

Our aim is to do two more Grateful 30 day challenges, the first of which starts on 1 October (so pencil it in) and then put on a week of exhibition madness in early 2014, with an opening night not to be forgotten and a fantastic all-round celebration of the power of gratitude.

Oh and did I mention rewards?? There are rewards for helping us on our way. Not only will you receive big thanks from Louise and I (!) you could also hit us up for a delicious heart-shaped cake, candy hearts, handmade heart tokens, a love song dedication or a reusable multipurpose love letter. Yes, a love letter. So go over to Pozible and check us out.

Since the campaign is also part of the Pozible Gigs competition, if you share our page to facebook, or Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, that can help us to win prizes too. #poziblegigs @pozible

You can join the facebook group now and start getting your daily dose of gratitude. But you can also follow us on Twitter.

Phew it’s all too exciting. Think an 80s love song might be in order right about now…


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