Busy Binky


Can’t believe it’s midway through the year already. Binky has been busy germinating ideas for how this whole thing is gonna work. Is it a collective, is it me and a couple of other fellow changemakers, is it an open group? Is it none of these things? While it’s tempting to get caught up in the whole philosophising party, another part of me says ‘it doesn’t matter – just do it’. Oh no I feel like a motivational shoe company….anyhow, that’s what we’ve been doing.

First up we had a great and wonderful Grateful 100 exhibition in March at The Box in West End, Brisbane. The photos were inspiring and the mood in the room was amazing. We’re in talks now with a public institution (can’t say who in case it doesn’t work out!) about a bigger and better Grateful installation. So very exciting!!  Will keep you posted bu in the meantime, the Grateful 100 facebook page continues to chug along and we’re planning another photo a day Grateful project for the second half of 2013.

Walk [Brisbane] has officially started. Our project to get Brisvegans walking more got an inspiration injection when I took part in the Coursera’s Technicity course during May. Technicity opened me up to the idea of Tactical Urbanism. Based on the idea of improving the livability of our cities by using the street and public space as a laboratory for small, activist spatial practices, it is focused on taking back the street for inhabitants and inducing long term changes in towns and cities. I LOVE this.  It gave me the guts to just print out some stickers and put them up and see what happens.  Go to the blog to follow this one. It’s early days and a few more folks on board would be wonderful, but hey urban engagement can take time and sometimes ideas take off when you least expect. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that sometimes you just have to plug away. Walking and being a pedestrian is super important to me, even as I prepare to get my learner’s permit (and no I am definitely not a school leaver).

Next up, The Feast is edging closer and closer. I had a nice skype chat with New York organisers in May and it looks like Feast Hubs are a bit more on their own this year. I am looking forward to seeing what we come up with for this year’s projects, as our first Feast initiated project, Grateful 100 celebrates its first birthday. More like this I hope!

Last but not least. Tina and I are getting our heads together about Pencil Box. We’re hoping to use crowdfunding so am excited that Pozible is coming to town soon. Time to pop our crowdfunding cherry!

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