signs for walking

Alright, signs are going up tonight. If you live in West End, check out the intersection of Vulture and Boundary and the Mollison St Glider Bus Stop. If you have any ideas on where they could go that would be better, let me know. Or just hop on to and make your own! I am happy to print them for you on sticker paper.  Time for this experiment to get interesting!

I just came across this interesting app, 360Cities where you can create panoramas of your city. It’s a nice way to navigate if you’ve got plenty of time on your hands. Lots of great pics too. Here’s a link to the view of the river from the State Library, which is right next to the Queensland Museum.

We popped in there yesterday and they had a great activity about walking paths lost to the city. The activity involved tracing round your feet on paper, cutting out the shapes and then writing a little story about a path you’ve taken or the path you’re on, figuratively or literally. Nice contemplative activity for a Sunday afternoon.

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