Jumping in with both feet

A bit more info about Walk [Brisbane]. I’m Leonie. I’m devoted to walking and wanted to implement Walk [your City] in Brisbane. But how to go about it the best way? I talked to a lot of friends. I read a lot. After pondering for some time, I got unexpected inspiration from an online uni course called Technicity.  Technicity, run on Coursera by Ohio State University, aims to teach students about technology in the urban environment. I enrolled in Technicity as a way to undertake some learning without having to cough up for university in the real world, with nebulous results. The amazing Coursera community has been inspirational and I decided to undertake Walk [Brisbane] as a project for my participation in Technicity. Writing up a project proposal clarified my thinking. It also made me realise I might not have enough time in ten days to actually complete the project. But what the hell? University and life have collided to create a community project kicked off. Yay!!

Here’s my project plan. project proposal LSanderson

It’s not static. It’s changed already. And I’m looking forward to see where this all takes me.

Thanks Technicity and Coursera. Objective achieved!

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